Xuan Huong Lake


Xuan Huong Lake has an area of 32ha and the average depth of 1.5m. It is located on an elevation of 1,478m above sea level and it is considered as the heart of Dalat.

Xuan Huong Lake in former times was the valley with Cam Ly stream running through, is inhabited by Lach residents.

In 1919, according to the suggestion for a plan of building Dalat city of the ambassador, Mr. Cunhac – the civil engineer, Labbe built a dam to retain water and then the stream became a lake. The French called the lake Grand Lac.

In 1921 – 1922, under the command of Envoy Gamier, the dam was built higher and longer.

In 1953, the lake was changed another name, Xuan Huong.

Xuan Huong Lake is with a perimeter around 5 kilometers square, a crescent shape. The water flows are gently rolling as waves. In dry season, the water is ultramarine blue; in rainy season the water is bloodshot. In the past people said that water in Ho Xuan Huong had not swallowed, and it had rarely seen this phenomenon in shallow water.

The name of Xuan Huong, it is said that the name is translated from French noun, someone said that because at both sides of Xuan Huong Lake was planted with fragrant trees and grass emitting around the lake so they took that name. Although there are any hypothetical cases, the name of Xuan Huong is a very lovely name. Xuan Huong lake is beautiful as that name.