Valley of love


Love Valley is one of the most romantic sights in Da Lat. The valley is about 5 km from the city center to the north. This is an ideal destination for visitors this summer.

In 1930, the French named the green and romantic valley “Vallé d’Amour” (“Thung Lng Tình Yêu” in Vietnamese and “Valley of Love” in English). In the reign of King Bao Dai, the region was called the Valley of Peace. Since 1953, it has recovered the name of Valley of Love until nowadays. In 1972, a dam was built and Da Thien Lake came into being. In 1998, the Da Thien Lake – Valley of Love was recognized as a national landscape.

The attraction of the landmark is from natural and romantic features of a green and charming space. The reclamation and investment of humans also add more fascinating features for guests to contemplate sceneries there. From a hill of flowers and green trees to tiny paths draw many couples in love to come. Arriving at the valley, travelers will see the image of two pairs of hands exchanging rings, a statue of couples affectionate to each other, or even benches symbolizing well-match couples.

Covering 242 hectares, the Valley of Love is an ideal venue for those who love picnicking and camping. Poetic landscapes plus melodious sounds of the pine forest in the wind, and the 13-hectare Da Thien Lake make the scene there more stunning.

The Valley of Love has been chosen to host many interesting events such as the Valentine’s Day (February 14), the Kissing Festival in 2008 attracting the participation of 500 couples, or the Dancing Festival in 2009. Since 2011, a special park, the Rose Park, which is a garden of rose flowers of various colors, has been built on a romantic hill. There are iron frames designed into two hearts as a place for couples to make vows as well as append the love padlocks. And the keys are thrown into the lake in the center of the park near the statue of love.