Tra Su Bird Sactuary

Just 30 km southwest of Chau Doc lies the 850-hectare Tra Su Forest, an ecosystem of cajuput trees that line dusty dirt paths and a flooded mangrove forest that is a stunning backdrop for the paradisaic park’s plants and animals.

Home to 140 types of flora, 70 species of birds, 11 types of animals, 25 species of reptiles, and 23 kinds of fish, the forest is a nature lover’s dream. We explore the area on a day trip in what turns out to be one of our most magical destinations in all of the Mekong Delta.

A short walk from the parking area takes us to the small pier where boats wait to take us into the flooded forest

The Tra Su bird sanctuary (Tra Su forest) is a special place for nature lovers and well worth a visit. The forest covers an area of 850 hectares and is an important natural habitat for many colorful birds and other rare animals. There are more than 140 different kinds of plants in the sanctuaryand many of the Cajuputs, which are very common in the delta, can be found here.

During the Vietnam War, the forest was a base of revolutionaries and was badly damaged. After the war, the authority of An Giang province reforested the area and therefore the Tra Su forest is now a fruitful place for plants and animals.