Ke Go Lake


The weather is always cool all year- round in Ke Go area. Tourists rowing on boats could observe water flows pouring down the lake from the mountain. At night, the space becomes mysterious because of the wave sound, wind from forests and voice of animals mingled together, etc.

The aforementioned place-names are among the famous tourists sites in Ha Tinh. However, it is possible to say that they are the representatives for the local land. Several of them came into existence and became famous hundreds years ago such as Tien Dien, Huong Tich pagoda.

However, there are also revolutionary relics, artificial works such as commemorated area of Tran Phu, Dong Loc Road Junction, Ke Go Lake and the international border gate economic zone of hanging bridge (Cau Treo), which have been recently became famous. All the traditional and modern, sophisticated and majestic, material and spiritual features, etc. are mutually mingled and interacted then result in enormous potentials in local tourism.

Moreover, the name “Nuoc Sot-Kim Son” has been well-known for a long time. “Nuoc Sot” means hot water. Studies on Nuoc Sot-Son Kim mineral water have come to conclusions: The quality of the mineral water in Son Kim is stable. It has effects of prevention and cure for some diseases, gynecological diseases, etc. In addition, it also has the effects of recovery for patients after treatments, sickness and hard working’s refreshments.

Extracted from the depth of 100m, Nuoc Sot-Kim Son mineral water is very hot.The water contains a variety of mineral ingredients and factors, which are very good for health. Those ingredients help speed up the metabolising progress, wakeup “sleeping” cells and drive away all the tiredness of the day.

Besides, the tourist area also has various services of restaurant, motels, picnics along Truong Son mountains and shopping in our neighbour country Laos.