Huong Tich pagoda


Huong Tich Pagoda is located halfway up the flame of Huong Tich – one in seven of Hong Linh mountain clouds playing beautiful, majestic symbol of the small country parish Art. Hong Linh with low 99 high tops 100 in association with legendary phoenix bird finding parking place as weaving, many mysterious stories.

Huong Tich Pagoda in Ha Tinh province is located on the mountain Hong Linh Thien Loc commune, Can Loc district. According to legend, the temple is a shrine to the king princess Dieu Thien Trang United Water Department, was built in the thirteenth century. However, the original temple was destroyed by fire in 1885 burnt done, this current temple architecture Dao Tan – An Tinh governor built in 1901, until 2003, the temple was restored.

Looming halfway up the mountain, as Huong Tich Pagoda is located in the heart of the green of trees, along with a shimmering, magical white clouds circled each flight. To reach the pagoda, you have to sail across the lake 2km Tang, then must pass additional information 2km forest road lined and undulating rocky stream, listening to the water gurgling like a melodious music. Scenery along the way changes constantly, makes visitors never boring.

From the dense foliage until white clouds playing fly, looming somewhere with a branch of wild flowers are shy hiding, a space so quiet and peaceful quiet of the mountains. Upon arrival, visitors are taken by surprise when many amazing scene of a charming painted marine area out front.

The scenery of temple purification reveals the soul as lighter, no longer the stress, anxiety everyday hustle more. In the ruins there am Marian, temples Uranus and climb further as royal garden page. Behind the temple is the huge rock shelter outreach, ancient trees create shady moss seems u president, meditative, spiritual, magical.

In the upper house today, still keeps many treasures to bring high art value, in particular, is Hong Chung was cast in 1741, under Canh Hung, weighing about 200kg decorated 4 corresponding symmetrical face Four Spring – Lower – Thu – East. Houses Three Jewels, though not the biggest, but it was of deep U President, met eight of the Buddha with many Tich, the legendary beauty of life and religion makes people almost more comfortable with friendly planes.

Quan Am, but local people still call Mrs. am Buddha, created from a deep natural caves, part ancient cave entrance was built into one stupas, decorative textures, special mascot art display Ly – Tran.

All year round here incense smoke spiraling up making more temple dignity and reverence. Huong Tich Pagoda is an ingenious combination between the natural landscape and religious architectural ensemble creates a harmonious beauty, it’s true that “the situation in that scene, the scene in this situation.”