Ho May Cultural Park

One of the best place to spend week-end with the family and friends is “Cloud

Lake Cultural and Eco-tourism Park” on the Big Mountain in Vungtau. It’s easy and
comfortable to reach the park using the modern cable car (well-known in the
world safety “Doppel Mayer” system). While a way up and down you find a
beautiful view of Vung Tau Bay and the City. We recommend to visit this park
in the second part of day to catch a sunset on the way back. Small open
wagons get you to the central place of a park with the fairground
attractions, amusement rides and other recreational facilities.
The same way from cable it’s can be easily done by walking up to the hill no more than
a hundred yards.

In a small amusement park there are some carousels, merry-go-round,
whirligig, swings, slides, mechanical sledges, either for kids and children
or for adults. There is also a small zoo.

One of the popular sights here is the monument of seated Buddha with a
little sanctuary. On the way there you can see the sculptures of different
incarnations of Buddha.

For those who love eco-tourism there are a lot of pleasure grounds, rock
gardens, avenues, paths, decorative waterfall in the park. You also can rent
catamarans made in the form of swans in a small pond near this waterfall.
For guests who wants to meet the sunset a special camp with a few tents in
the middle of the forest on one of the slopes is organized.

Several restaurants and cafes offer visitors refreshments, sweets and a
variety of dishes.
Because of location of park – on the highest mountain in Vung Tau – there is
always cool, gentle breeze on one of its slopes and good conditions for
sunbathe on another. Ponds, small waterfalls and trees give freshness and