HA NOI – CAO BANG EXPLORER – 03 days tour


Cao Bang is a homeland of ancient people name Nung – Zhuang since 30000 – 7500BC with archeological fossils born everywhere (checked by carbon 14) and living tools like axe, spear, stone hammer, etc. Because Cao Bang is in the boarder province with Song dynasty (triều Tống) of China in the early of Ly Dynasty in Vietnam (since 1039) that made Nung Tri Cao (1025-1055), a leader of many Nung minority wanted to build a country for Nung people, he named it is Nam Thien Quoc (Country in the South Heaven). After the defeated from a battle, Nung – Zhuang people had dominated by the Song of China. Flowing many contests between Viet and Chinese, Cao Bang is belonging to Vietnam (Le Loi – later Le), Quang Xi belong to China. Cao Bang is also the first stop of Ho Chi Minh president returned after 30 years traveling around the world to learn the political for ending Vietnam colony reign (1858 – 1954). From Cao Bang, Ho Chi Minh set up the first Cell of Communist Party, Liberation and Propaganda Military to develop become the People army today.

Day 1: Hanoi – Cao Bang (320km)

8.00am depart for Cao Bang town. The transfer proceed is an opportunities for tourist can be satisfied their passion of exploring the culture and local ethnic minorities.

From Hanoi you drive through many town as Thai Nguyen, Bac Kan and stop to visit a Ethnic minority museum in Thai Nguyen town. From Lunch in Bac Can town, we can drive to higher mountain ranges where have some famous name as Windy Pass (Đèo Gió), Cloudy Pass (Đèo Mây), and some other higher pass than those 2 famous passes had name above. En route, we are passing numerous villages of H’mong, Zao, Tay and Nung ethnic minority people, all living in harmony. This is a beautiful relaxing drive to take photos.

In the afternoon, you will check in a local mini hotel and overnight there. (L, D)

800px-Đèo_Ô_Quy_Hồ_2Day 2: Cao Bang – Ban Gioc – Cao Bang (200km)

This morning we drive 100km drive to Ban Gioc waterfall. En-route we visit Nung minority in Phuc Sen village where be considered the best black-smith job in Northeast of Vietnam. This village job is about more than 300 years old with a typical traditional experience. It is said that the knife and farming tools is able to cut lime-stone, animal born, wood then still sharp enough to cut soft vegetable with gentle cut. We will arrive at Ban Gioc slightly before lunchtime and spend a little exploring the little village there. Have lunch in a mini local restaurant, next to the Immigration Station of Ban Gioc Water Fall. Ban Gioc Water Fall is the biggest water-fall in Viet Nam and located in the boarder of Vietnam – China. In this water-fall you have 2 options for swimming or renting a rafting bamboo float around a bit and visit a cave in the top of the water fall where you can have some magnificent nature photos. Afterward we have the same way back to the village Ban Gioc then explore Nguom Ngao cave, the 3km long cave with thousands of imaginative status and a tunnel river inside the mountain. Overnight in the same hotel in Cao Bang town. Today is a big transfer day so you will come to the hotel in late. (B/ L/ D)

thac-ban-gioc-cao-bangDay 3: Cao Bang – Hanoi (300km)

In the early morning you will have opportunity to visit a lovely market of Cao Bang town where many ethnic minorities dressing traditional customs doing their business.

Bidding our hotel farewell, we drive down-hill to Lang Son town and via Lang Son for Lunch. It is said that soft deep fried milk pork and deep fried duck are the most well know food in Vietnam in general so that all Vietnamese tourist have to try once or bring home for family to try. After lunch in the border town Lang Son, we meet up with our vehicle, and transfer to Hanoi.
Optional: Visit Tam Thanh cave, the Buddhist Pagoda cave. Tam Thanh Cave is vast and seductive. There’s an internal pool and a viewing point or natural ‘window’ offering a sweeping view of the surrounding rice fields. Another famous that every Vietnamese known is the Vong Phu stone which is told in a legend about the lady turned to stone statue because of waiting for her soldier husband, the sad story against the war and Vietnamese’s dream of No War civil war Vietnam since several hundred years ago (Mac 1527 -1677 – Le dynasty (1428 – 1527 & 1533 – 1789). (B/L)