Áo Tứ Thân “4 – part dress”


The áo tứ thân or “4-part dress” is one of several traditional Vietnamese costumes. It’s used to be daily dress of Vietnamese women until early XXth century. It’s now often used in traditional festivals. Vietnamese girls in unique 4-part dress become more attractive and lovely.

Regardless of its many different forms, the basic Áo tứ thân consists of:
– A flowing outer tunic, reaching almost to the floor. It is open at the front, like a jacket. At the waist the tunic splits into two flaps: a full flap in the back (made up of two flaps sewn together) and the two flaps in the front which are not sewn together but can be tied together or left dangling
– A long skirt, worn under the tunic
– Yếm, an ancient bodice worn as an undergarment by women. It comes in many fabrics and colors, worn under the skirt and outer tunic
– A silk sash which is tied at the waist as a belt