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As a leading travel company in Asia, Buffalo Tours offers the best in customised small group and private guided tours to Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, ThailandBurma (Myanmar), China, Hong KongSingapore, Malaysia, and Indonesia. Using our portfolio of expertly-crafted itineraries, we create tailor-made travel packages to match your preferred travel period, touring needs and budget.

Our internationally-managed sales team is passionate about creating extraordinary journeys that match your travel style. With every tour in Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Thailand, Burma (Myanmar), China, Hong KongSingapore, Malaysia and Indonesia, we offer unique opportunities for you to experience the very best that Asia has to offer.

Buffalo Tours Vietnam One Member Company Limited
Registered office: 70-72 Ba Trieu, Hanoi, VIETNAM.
General enquiries: +84-4-3828-0702
Online bookings: +84-4-3926-3425
Email: info@buffalotours.com